Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as “tapping” or “emotional acupressure”, is a powerful set of techniques that can be used to shift the intensity of physical symptoms people experience as well as to address the various aspects of specific events, stressors & conflicts people experience that are related to the presence of physical symptoms and negative emotions.

The science behind EFT shows that the acupressure “tapping” increases your body’s natural opioids, increases serotonin, and decreases cortisol, a stress hormone.  Those chemical changes in your body are occurring as they are paired with the particular issue that is being “tapped on”.  So, during the basic technique, tapping is occurring simultaneously while phrases that are pertinent to the issue at hand are being spoken aloud.  It is a very simple technique to learn, and I teach clients how to do this at home as well.  

As I guide clients through each round of EFT, I also tap on my own body and say each of the phrases aloud to serve as a mirror for clients so that it is very easy for clients to follow along.  By the end of a client’s first session, very often the client has memorized the whole basic technique and tapping sequence.  

How does EFT help with reducing migraines?

EFT is very versatile and can help migraine sufferers in the 4 main ways discussed below: