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Germanic Healing Knowledge (GHk) provides us a lens through which we scientifically understand precisely why migraines occur following specific stressors ("biological conflicts"), explains why migraines become chronic (what situations and "tracks" continuously trigger them to occur), and also gives us an approach to help people resolve these "conflicts" and "tracks".
The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as "tapping", is a powerful set of techniques that can be used to shift the intensity of physical symptoms people experience as well as to address the various aspects of specific events, stressors & conflicts people experience that are related to the presence of physical symptoms experienced, such as chronic migraines.
Matrix Reimprinting is an energy psychology therapy that allows traumatic and negative events from our past to be healed. Simply put, this is achieved through a combination of EFT, visualization, and re-imprinting that allows for the resolution of past trauma and limiting beliefs derived from such events, as well as experiencing and linking new and more positive emotions and beliefs to such events.