GHK & EFT Group

Chronic Migraines GHK & EFT Group

When you join our GHK & EFT Group, not only will you be part of a group of others who know firsthand the suffering that chronic migraines can inflict, but you are going to learn to understand your migraines in an entirely different way, one that gets to the root causes of your migraines, so that you can reduce, resolve, and eliminate them.

GHK provides us with a predictable, scientific understanding that clearly explains why people suffer migraines. And, EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, a.k.a., “tapping”, gives us a tool to work through the bio-psychological conflicts (you can think of these as specific types of stressors) and with which to de-couple recurring triggers, “tracks”, that amplify the chronicity of migraines.

This is the most economical option of the 3 offered for my clients with chronic migraines. The group is newly forming as of late-January 2024, and I’m very excited to see how many people we’ll be able to help as the group grows.

Group Therapy - Monthly access to the Chronic Migraines GHK & EFT Group

Group Access includes the following:

Additional Information

The group is strictly focused on the resolution of chronic migraines and empowerment to resolve your migraines, as opposed to it being a group focused on venting or complaining. That said, I will show you how to address complaints regarding the impact of chronic migraines on your life, and to “vent” effectively, using a therapeutic approach. Also, if you would like us to do Group EFT Surrogate Tapping on a specific challenge or conflict that you’re facing, we are happy to do that for as many people’s concerns as possible each week.

When is the Group Conducted?

The group is held weekly on Tuesdays at 1 PM EST. The Zoom link for each week’s group is posted within the Chronic Migraines GHK & EFT private Facebook group page.

If you are unable to attend the group at that time, you’re welcome to post your questions in the group prior to the call. 

A recording of the Zoom call will be made available for group members to view privately.

$50 Off Your 1st Month through February 29, 2024

The group costs $200/month and is billed as a recurring subscription.

The group has a “no refunds” policy, but, you can cancel anytime prior to a new month being billed.

Is Group Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Although LifeCore requires a prepayment of fees-for-service for the coming month of group therapy sessions, clients with insurances that have Out-of-Network Behavioral/Mental Health coverage may be able to receive partial, and possibly even, full reimbursement for the group therapy.

The best thing for you to do determine whether you would receive partial or full reimbursement for group therapy under the umbrella of Behavioral/Mental Services with an Out-of-Network Provider, is to simply call up your insurance company and ask.

If they state that you’re eligible for reimbursement, monthly invoices for your care, delivered by Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, MCAP, LMP, will be made available to you upon request. The invoices contain the service and diagnostic codes you need to go forward in submitting the required paperwork that your insurance company needs. Please ask your insurance company to send you the required forms.