Cancer Coaching

healing bodyCancer Coaching at LifeCore is based on the notion that disease is caused by “dis-ease”.  Simply stated, emotional root causes are major factors underlying cancer and other illnesses.  Cancer Coaching at LifeCore involves the combined application of psychotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a.k.a., “tapping”, to heal the emotional root causes that are involved in the formation of cancer.  German New Medicine (GNM) has identified very distinct types of emotional conflicts that lead to cancer in various organs of the body and the biologically-meaningful purpose for each type of cancer.  Clients are educated in GNM and how that applies to their specific form of cancer.  EFT and psychotherapy are used to reduce or “clear out”:

1) any “diagnosis shock” that may be present, 
2) fear and negative emotions related to one’s current experience of cancer and future outcomes, e.g., fear of death, "metastatis", body image concerns, loss of job, etc. 
3) the emotional root causes of the cancer, and, 
4) pain, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms arising from the cancer itself and/or from treatments

Clients learn what to expect during their experience of their type of cancer, according to GNM, in a way that reduces panic and any further shock related to new symptoms that may arise, e.g., extreme fatigue is a sign, according to GNM, that the person has entered the healing phase of an emotional conflict.

Given that chemotherapy only has a 3% “success rate” (see documentation here), it is important that people become aware of the other options available to promote their health and healing.  LifeCore allows clients to go through the experience of cancer in the way that feels most comfortable for the client.  Therefore, clients can work on their emotional factors with Cancer Coaching and can simultaneously be receiving conventional treatment, integrative treatment, or alternative treatment.  Additionally, if clients are unsure as to how to approach dealing with cancer, LifeCore can help clients in the decision-making process with a thorough examination of the risks and benefits according to GNM.  Ultimately, the choice is always the client’s.  Additionally, LifeCore serves as an advocate for the client and can communicate and coordinate care with the client’s other healthcare providers involved in his or her treatments, per the client’s request.

LifeCore, Inc., is not a physician’s office and Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, D.PSc, CAP, is not a medical doctor (MD) and therefore cannot make medical diagnoses, treat medical conditions, or prescribe medications.  However, what LifeCore’s Cancer Coaching provides is the piece that is often missing from conventional and even some alternative forms of medical care, and, with that comes hope for healing.  Those interested in finding out if LifeCore’s Cancer Coaching could be a good fit for them may call LifeCore at 305-396-6360 for a free 15 minute consultation.

Potential clients may want to consider attending LifeCore's Optimal Wellness Cancer Group.  This is a great way to get a feel for the LifeCore approach, to meet Lauren, and to decide if you would like to schedule your first Cancer Coaching session.  Alternatively, for those who are simply seeking to be in a group with other people dealing with cancer, the group is helpful in that regard as well.


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