How to Know Where to Buy Your Essential Oils

Supplement Facts


So, you’re just getting into essential oils…

You may not be sure which oils to get, and you’re not sure where to shop from. 

You may have asked yourself some of these questions:

  • Are all essential oils creating equally?
  • What do I look for when I shop for the oils?
  • Are there certain ingredients or key terms I should be looking for?

I’m going to give you a brief overview of the 4 types of fragrance and flavor oils that should shed some light on the subject.

Synthetic Aromatic Oils

An example of these would be air fresheners that you can plug into the wall.  These are not safe for ingesting by mouth, as you can imagine, nor are they therapeutic.

Food Grade Oils

Examples are the ones you might find in chewing gum.  Obviously the oil component in these is safe enough for absorption into the body, though the therapeutic benefits are largely absent.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

You can find many of these at health food stores or even at some home accessory stores.  Since the labelling isn’t regulated rigorously, you can, in many cases, be getting a mixed bag of synthetic and natural oils in these oils that are marketed as essential oils. 

If you see a synthetic ingredient called “fragrance oil” or if the price seems too good to be true for the specific oil and/or quantity of that oil you are getting, you most likely do not have a high quality essential oil in your hands.  I actually used this type of essential oil for many years until I thankfully learned more about the oils.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®

This is the highest quality level of essential oils you can purchase.  It is beyond organic and highly therapeutic.  The CPTG process certifies that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants in the essential oils that would reduce their efficacy.  The oils are derived from plants and harvested in their natural habitat, and each batch of oil undergoes multiple 3rd party testing to certify purity. 

The CPTG standard is one that was created by dōTERRA and has remained unmatched by any other essential oil producer.  This makes dōTERRA oils the purest you can find in the world today.

Being sure the oils are CPTG grade means that the purity & efficacy of the oils have been ensured, which also means you can trust the product to be all it claims to be & you can trust it to be highly therapeutically beneficial for you and your family.

So the CPTG quality standard is a very big reason why I have chosen to source my essential oils from dōTERRA and why I have chosen to be a Wellness Advocate with their company. 

Another really important piece of information that you should look for, especially if you are going to be ingesting the oils, are the Supplement Facts on the side of the bottle, as seen in the picture above.  When you see that, you know 2 things:

1)  You know that this particular oil is one that is, by its nature, ingestible. Some oils we would never ingest, regardless of their quality, because nature did not intend us to. 

2)  You know that synthetic fillers have not been added.  Such additives keep the price of the oils down, but they also keep the quality of the oils down too.

Ultimately, we must keep in mind that if we want the oils to have medicinal power, whether we are using them aromatically, topically, or internally, we must use the highest quality oils available to us. 


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*Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, D.PSc, MCAP is not a medical doctor (MD) nor is LifeCore a medical treatment facility, and any information presented in the above article is strictly educational and is not a replacement for medical advice.  

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